We have had an amazing response to our new whistle design. Sometimes it is a little hard to keep up with the demand, so please use the contact page to inquire about availability before placing an order if you need it quickly. If I don't have an instrument to ship to you immediately, I can probably put you in touch with someone who does. See the stores page here.

Making and selling these instruments is a hobby that I love.  (yes I have a day-job, too) It is always nice to hear from people.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.  I check my email often.


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Aluminum 'High' Whistles

Physical Characteristics

These are medium-body instruments made from .035 inch thick 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy for light weight and corrosion resistance. The body is 5/8 inches in diameter and the tuning slide is 3/4 inch diameter. The instrument quality and overall look and feel are very consistent. While the holes are slightly larger than on most instruments to allow for easier half-holing, players with smaller hands should not have any trouble with this instrument. The black "plug" that makes the floor of the airway is curved and made of Delrin plastic.  The tapered airway helps to prevent clogging and focuses the air for a sweeter sound. The tuning slide uses a standard rubber o-rings that may be easily purchased at any hardware store. We are also happy to supply extra o-rings (free, if you pay the postage) upon request.

Cleaning and Care

This instrument should be cleaned regularly, inside and out, with warm soapy water. The tuning slide should be lubricated with a very small amount of petroleum jelly after cleaning or a good wax based cork grease. I have heard that some people use chapstick as a lubricant and that works very well. A regular pipe cleaner, such as one may find in a hobby store or tobacco shop, can be used to clean the airway. Small surface nicks and scratches can be removed with a mild abrasive such as fine steel wool or an abrasive soap-based cleaner. I use Mothers aluminum polish to make it shine. One should avoid exposure to immoderate acids or caustics as they can damage the metal.  Never wash it in an automatic dish washer.

Playing Characteristics

This instrument is ideal for people with moderate experience that want to step up to a higher-end whistle. These whistles are easy to play and are well balanced between octaves. They have a pure tone with just a hint of "chiff". Tuning is (of course) perfect and the instrument can be tuned a minimum of 20 cents sharp as well as flat.  It plays with moderate back pressure and with very little air requirement. It's almost like breathing. Shifting between the high and low registers is very reliable and easy to control. The back pressure is firm but moderate so you can "lean into" the instrument. The first 3 notes in the low octave are strong and clear, and there is very good balance between octaves. While not as powerful as a Chieftain or an Overton, it is loud enough for most sessions. Most cross fingerings are possible, such as C natural (on a D whistle) and in both octaves. This instrument is moderately loud, easy to play, and it is very responsive. It will comfortably handle any tap or roll that you throw at it.

If you need your new Tilbury whistle by some particular time, please use the contact page to enquire about availability before placing your order! We are trying very hard to fill all orders quickly, but we are not there yet. If you need a whistle now, I can probably point you to someone who has stock.

Aluminum 'High' Whistles (click on a image to see a larger view)

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Wholesale and Volume Orders

Tilbury Woodwinds Company is proud to provide top-notch support to those who wish to carry our products in a retail environment. If you are interested in doing that, please enquire using our contact page.