By Chuck Tilbury
Based on the famous "flutomat" by Pete Kosel



  1. Select metric measurements, if you want to use it.  For metric, all measurements are in millimeters.  Otherwise they are in inches.  Inches is the default.
  2. Set the number of holes for your design.
  3. Enter inside diameter and wall thickness of your pipe.
  4. Select the bell note from the pull-down box.
  5. Enter the hole sizes you want to use.  You can use the increment and decrement buttons beside the hole size to change them.  Note that for metric measurements, the increment is 0.5mm and for inch measurements it is 1/64". 
  6. The results should automatically update when you make a change, but you can also use the "refresh" button.
  7. Use the "print" button to create a printable "cut sheet" for your design.
  8. Use the "save" button to save the design on your computer.  Be advised that this option uses a bunch of cookies.
  9. Use the "load" button to restore the design that you most recently saved.  You can only keep one design using the save and load buttons.


  1. Use big holes, especially for high notes.  The cutoff frequency should be well above the higher octave note for the hole.
  2. For flutes, drill the embouchure hole so blown edge meets pipe surface at about 45 degree angle. 
  3. For whistles or flutes oval embouchure holes, use the area of the opening in calculations. 
  4. Use smaller pipe for high pitched flutes and picollos, larger pipe for instruments that play lower. 
  5. The ideal ratio of length to inside diameter is around 21/1.
  6. If you would like some help there are links on the links page or you can contact me using the contact page.  Always happy to help if I can.


Dimensions of Some Common Types of Plastic Pipe in the U.S.

Schedule 40 PVC and Steel Pipe Schedule 80 PVC and Steel Pipe "Copper Tube" Series CPVC Pipe
Nominal Outside Inside Wall Nominal Outside Inside Wall Nominal Outside Inside Wall
1/2" 0.840" 0.622" 0.109" 1/2" 0.840" 0.546" 0.147" 1/2" 0.625" 0.469" 0.078"
3/4" 1.050" 0.824" 0.113" 3/4" 1.050" 0.742" 0.154" 3/4" 0.875" 0.695" 0.090"