Chuck at the WorkshopThe Maker
Tilbury Woodwinds Company is the trading name under which Chuck Tilbury makes and sells his whistles, under the watchful eye (and patient ears!) of his wife. By day, Chuck works as a systems software engineer (which, along with hardware development, he has been involved in for over 20 years). By night, he is the mad whistle maker. He makes whistles mostly as a hobby, but enjoys it so much that he wants to do it full-time. Chuck's goals are to make very good whistles that are comparable in quality to high-end whistles, like Overton or Copeland whistles. However, he also aims to sell them for much less. Why? Because he strongly believes that everyone should have access to a really good whistle.

Chuck at the WorkshopThe Workshop
The TWC workshop is located in Cedar Park, Texas, which is near Austin. Recently, Chuck and family moved from the Seattle, Washington area. The workshop it's self is just the garage. It's just big enough and has everything that he needs to make whistles and other stuff. There is a mill and a lathe as well as the other tools you would expect to find in a shop where metal work happens.