Welcome to Tilbury Woodwinds Company

Makers of fine hand made musical instruments.

Tilbury Whistles are back and better than ever!

Still working on the time it takes to fill an order, but it's getting better all the time! We have hired a machine shop to make the more difficult parts for the whistles. This is a very good thing becasue it will speed us up dramatically while still keeping the same great levels of quality. The demand for Tilbury whistles has gone through the roof! Great problems to have.

Please use the contact page to enquire about availability. If I don't have any whistles at the moment, I can probably refer you to someone who does.

If you would like to have a recording or video of you playing a Tilbury whistle, I would be pleased to post it here on my web site. You can see other people's videos here.

Our Mission

Our mission is to spread and promote the joy of Irish Traditional Music by providing top quality instruments at a reasonable price, ant to bring people into contact with the music by attending venues where that is possible. Our goal is to put a penny whistle in the hands of every human being on the planet, even if it is not a TWC instrument.

Our Quality Promise

Tilbury whistles are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for life. If there are problems after that (except for actual damage) then we will do our best to make it right. This warranty is intended to be transferable.

Why I do it

I make whistles as a hobby and do a day job as well. I do it because I like making things and I really like Irish Traditional Music. I have come in contact with so many great people and made so many friends as a result of making whistles that I cannot imagine not making. I can think of no better way to spend my time than to bring more music into the world by crafting quality musical instruments.  If I had my way, I would never sell another instrument, but only give them away to people that want them.  Unfortunately, reality does not permit it.

For more information about who I am, what I do, or how to get hold of a Tilbury whistle, follow the links in the navigation menu at the top. You can also take a look at my other page.